It is finally the time to say goodbye to all the hassles you face while manually processing tenders. MKCL's Secured Electronic Tendering System (SeTS) is an end-to-end online tendering solution designed and devised to perform every activity in the tender cycle. SeTS ensures transparency, cost effectiveness, process efficiency and accuracy, and time gain throughout the procurement process. process

SeTS is a proven software which can be used in any government undertaking, public limited company, and corporate house.

SeTS is upgraded continuously to meet the technological advances in the field of tendering. It has integrated the advantages of Internet Communication and Technology (ICT) tools for benefit of the tendering organization. It eliminates unnecessary paper work by empowering you to publish the tenders and monitor the status of the bids you get, fully online.

SeTS is proud to have the best security features to keep your data and system secure. It makes use of digital certificates and promotes accountability through a strong audit trial and reliable management information system. It is compliant with the IT Act, 2000 and various regulatory bodies standards like Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), MDB, World Bank guidelines and policies.

SeTS has been developed to completely map the manual tendering process, thus re-engineering the entire tendering cycle with the help of technology, offering you multi-faceted benefits at the lowest possible cost.