• SeTS complies to the IT Act, 2000, and guidelines and policies of the Central Vigilance Commission(CVC), World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other international bodies
  • Use of PKI for security, verification and audit
  • Multi factor Authentication module involving different levels of security needs
  • Imposes data level access confining users to read/update specific data
  • Role based access control enabling secure access to resources based on the assigned role and permissions in the system
  • Web requests secured using 128 bit SSL based encryption channel
  • Accept submission of bids only on verification of the Digital Signatures of the bidders provided by any authorized CA in India
  • Time based access restricting the users to carry out the activities before or after the stipulated time
  • Integrated audit log capable of recording, displaying and reporting all transactions occurring in the system
Important News :
Dear Vendor's you can now add new Items to your profile by availing the Auto Item Approval functionality of SeTS.